Thursday, June 17, 2010

Battle in High Gear Over Dennis Hopper Estate

Battle in High Gear Over Dennis Hopper Estate

So sad that the entertainment industry is mired in greed. Here's another example of a great actor's legacy being tainted by scandal after he's gone. It's important to preserve the memory of Dennis Hopper, and all of the other great actors, without glorifying the scandalous culture surrounding them.

True, it was his life. He married this woman after all... and had a child with her. But now this is becoming just another sensationalized battle over money. What is sacred in Hollywood? Is that an oxymoron? Should we be focusing on the dirty war being waged in probate court over Dennis Hopper's estate, or should we let that lie and remember him as the wonderful entertainer he was?

Don't get me wrong, I love a good tabloid story, but where does sensational reporting become irreverence? Shouldn't we be memorializing the dead and his work? This is where the lines become blurred. We can either ignore the battle being waged between his wife and his estate, or we can acknowledge it and move on. What is the media's responsibility here?

Either way, it's tragic, because Dennis Hopper should be remembered for his work and not his personal scandals.

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