Monday, June 28, 2010

Chris Brown Cries During BET Awards

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Chris Brown Breaks Down Crying During BET Awards Tribute To Michael Jackson

Was Chris Brown's emotional rendition of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" authentic or just a publicity stunt to try and resurrect his tanking career? The singer got very choked up during his tribute to Michael Jackson at last night's BET Awards, so much so, that he couldn't even sing some of the last song. reported that Brown's performance "stole the show."

One gets the sense, when watching Brown, that his tears were more an expression of grief over what once was, then they were over Jackson's death. His career has never been the same since his infamous fight with Rihanna, and his last album "Graffiti," suffered from poor sales and reviews.

Will this latest PR stunt manage to revive Brown's floundering career? Will his tears convince people that he is not a violent abuser of women, but really a sensitive artist whose emotions got the best of him? Celebrities interviewed at the BET Awards last night seemed to think that Brown should be left alone by the media and should be allowed to have his career back. One thing is for certain, it will take a lot more public repentance before Chris Brown is going to be trusted again.

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