Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Knight and Day," Cruise, Diaz, Fail to Impress

Cruise-Diaz movie 'Knight and Day' opens to soft $3.8 million at box office Wednesday

Ben Fritz reports in the LA Times that predictions of a disappointing opening for the Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz film "Knight and Day" were right on, as it opened a distant second yesterday to "Toy Story 3."

According to Fritz, the film failed, despite studio efforts to generate buzz. He writes, "In order to counteract what appears to have been ineffective marketing and a lack of interest among audiences in Cruise and Diaz, distributor 20th Century Fox held nationwide sneak previews for 'Knight and Day' on Saturday and moved up its release from Friday to Wednesday."

Looks like Cameron Diaz's desperate bid for publicity didn't pay off in any big way, yet the actress is still trying. has Diaz quoted as saying she loves having sex outside.

Note to Cameron: Nobody's buying. Can you please stop talking about your sex life now?

But, let's not blame it all on her. This movie has myriad things going against it, namely its relevance. It's 2010, and no one really cares about Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz anymore. They are fond faces from another decade, but we have moved on. "Twilight" is coming out; the World Cup is going on; it's summer, and we're trying to forget our problems and just enjoy life the way all those pop songs tell us we should. Why would we devote over two hours of our hectic and overscheduled lives to watching "The Weird Guy" and "Justin Timberlake's ex-girlfriend"?

No amount of Cameron's naughty sex talk would've saved this film. Trying to remain relevant in a Miley Cyrus, "Jersey Shore" kind of world is difficult. This is a harsh and frenetic reality we live in, and you have to constantly be seen to be relevant. Unfortunately for them, Tom Cruise is constantly seen in the wrong light, while Cameron Diaz is just transparent.

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