Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kristen Stewart Rape Comment

News - Kristen Stewart: Fame Is "Like Being Raped" - Celebrity News -

Does Kristen Stewart have an insecurity complex or what? She reminds me of the nerdy girl who scores the jock in one of those cheesy John Hughes' movies. Her latest publicity piece in "Entertainment Weekly," in which she has her boyfriend defend her, because people like him better, is downright pathetic. Kristen chooses to use two major media buzzwords in her controversial interview with Britain's "Elle" magazine, "paparazzi" and "raped," and then acts like a massive injustice is being done when people criticize her.

Come on! When she told "Elle" that she felt like the paparazzi was raping her, what did she think would happen? If she had simply called the paparazzi out on their aggressive tactics, she would've appeared righteously indignant, like Elton John or Princess Diana's brother; but she chose to use an emotionally charged word that was sure to elicit attention and controversy.

Robert Pattinson then stands up to defend her in "Entertainment Weekly," by calling out the "nerdy bloggers" who inflated the story, despite the fact that she was criticized by RAINN, a support group for survivors of rape, abuse, and incest. What do bloggers have to do with anything? If it wasn't for those "nerdy bloggers," Robert Pattinson wouldn't be half as famous as he is today.

Kristen then uses Pattinson's comments as an excuse to whine about how she could never say that because nobody likes her, and everybody's always picking on her, blah, blah, blah...

Dear Kristen, You can't, on the one hand, start taking shots at the media, while at the same time crying and running away. Harsh words spoken in a desperate plea for attention will have the intended results. You decry the media, "screaming and taunting" you, "to get a reaction," but what are you doing to them?

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