Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Can't Get a Fair Trial ANYWHERE!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Can't Get Fair Trial, Says Lawyer

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer says she can't get a fair trial in Beverly Hills, or anywhere else in California, for that matter; but I've got news for Lindsay and her attorney: She can't get a fair trial anywhere! Lindsay recently announced she was filing a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Etrade for using her first name in reference to a "milkaholic" baby.

Etrade is a national company, whose spot aired during the Super Bowl and the winter Olympics, and whether or not they did have insinuating intentions with their overindulgent baby, her suit against them has brought national attention to her drug and alcohol problems. She has long been fodder for late-night talk shows, and the mere mention of her name conjures up images of alcohol-monitoring bracelets and wild parties. So, where in America would Lindsay be able to get a fair trial?

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